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About Us

Who is MyPokerBankrolls?

We are passionate group of elite poker players on a mission to help fellow poker players start start their careers with some poker cash for free on various operator sites. With over 45 years of combined online Poker experience – we have literally played at EVERY poker room on the net. We know which poker rooms are out for a quick buck, and the ones that are truly honest and trustworthy. As such, you benefit from our experience and get to discover niche Poker sites that may not have been previously on your radar. There are thousands of poker rooms, and we know which ones treat players the best; from promos to support and everything in between. We truly want you to find a “home” poker room that will see you thrive indefinitely.

Our Goal

To help online poker players find a high-quality and trustworthy poker room to flourish in, along with the added benefit of sampling real-money play with a modest complimentary poker bankroll!

How are we able to do this?

We are a small group of professional online poker players and as such are able to leverage deals for our business through the immense revenue we give to the supporting rooms on our site. In other words, we play A LOT of online poker and subsequently make the rooms we play at a TON of cash. Through close relationships with these rooms we are able to arrange better than normal deals for our players to benefit from. Which means – ABSOLUTELY POKER FREE BANKROLL FOR YOU!

Why give away bankrolls at no cost?

We believe in good Karma. We believe that a favour deserves to come around full circle. We believe that we are that “favour”. To you the players, we provide our professional knowledge to ensure you find a poker room that is safe, secure, and trustworthy, while giving a small allowance allowing you to try out the sites that we truly believe will give you the best service, atmosphere and promotions.

To the operators, through our long lasting relationship as professional players we leverage our revenue to help expand their client base by marketing our own site and recommending them as our friend.

Karma has helped us succeed in poker, and we’d like to return the favour to the players who will benefit from honest and trustworthy poker rooms while playing with poker cash on us.

What we do for you – the player

There are two distinct kinds of poker sites that will offer various forms of free poker money to players…

a) The ‘big advertising’ sites (stars, party, FT) – because free bankrolls are part of their advertising budget, they attract players by the hoards and offer them nothing of value once they decide to play with their own money.

b) Specialized gaming sites (like Tower) – because their income is put back into the many promotions that keeps money in Poker players pockets. Once you’ve had a taste of a specialized poker room, you’ll understand why so many players play at them… and why so few will tell you about them.

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